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About Us.

Our adult toys business started in 2003.
There are many adult toy web sites on the internet. Many carry no stock! That is to say they
arrange for the wholesaler to drop ship the item for them. They are a stockless retailer.
The goods do not come from them, they are shipped by their supplier. When a supplier no
longer imports a product it immediately becomes "discontinued". Of course it is usually still
manufactured but the UK importer has decided not to stock it and so the stockless
dealer cannot offer it any more.
Here at (Vision International) we carry massive stocks. 95% of all
items on our website are in stock. (With the possible exception of some of the larger
dolls that are shipped direct). We also import goods and so you will find toys on our
site that are not stocked by other UK dealers.
To summarise, we have been selling adult toys for many years, our prices are good, our
deliveries are fast and we keep massive stocks... and yes we do answer our emails.

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For Women Vibrators & dongs. Massagers for women Rabbits Clit and nipple enlargers Electro stimulation!
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Satellite Adult TV Channels.

The Sex Shop Toys web site was recently built by one of the web designers at the Satellite Superstore.
This satellite site is an entirely different web site and since you would be leaving Sex Shop Toys,
if you have anything in your shopping cart, you should check out first. If you need to check out,
go to the "review your cart" button to check out.

Let me provide none stop sex on TV. 12 channels when you want more!

Hardcore adult channels.

Adult channels cards available from the Satellite Superstore are,
Satisfaction TV multicard, Redlight Fusion HD multicard, Red Hot Sex TV multicard,
Redlight multicard, Private Spice, Dorsel TV multicard, Penthouse HD multicard.

For genuine hardcore sex every night on TV go to The Satellite Superstore Adult Channels Page.

The Satellite Superstore can supply both the viewing cards and the equipment.

Satellite adult channel systems page.

All channels are on the Hotbird satellite at 13E and satellite systems to receive these channels are at,
The Satellite Superstore adult channel satellite systems page.

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